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Therapy with Heart


Meet Charlotte

My name is Charlotte Lawrence and I am a qualified counsellor with over 17 years experience. I offer a professional counselling service in a supportive non- judgemental environment where you can safely and confidentially explore your concerns.


My personal life experiences and own experiences of counselling have taught me the value of having the space to explore issues and how valuable it can be to be really heard and accepted.

Holistic Services

In addition to my counselling work, I am a qualified Reiki Master and practitioner (a non- invasive gentle form of healing) and also have a foundation qualification in spiritual healing. In my years of counselling I have witnessed many clients who experience somatic pain within their bodies, which I believe, can sometimes be linked to difficult emotional life experiences or trauma.

Therefore I can offer a holistic service to address the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of clients, offering healing alongside counselling for people who feel this is appropriate for them.

Read more about my holistic services listed below on the Healing Therapies page.


What Clients Say

'I was the greatest skeptic in the world before Charlotte's reiki treatment but no more! Having had severe pain in my back and legs for years and suffered every year from January to April with asthma and bronchitis to such an extent that the doctor had to visit me at home. So far this year (its now March) my breathing has been ok and the pain has disappeared from my legs and my back. '



"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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